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January 16, 2007



Chigiy, what a cool story, and you're a star for saving all those little guys!


Thanks Genie. I'm waiting until the next rain so I can get a good photo of one and post it. We are in this weird draught cycle right now for the first time since we've been in this house. So there are no newts to be found.


Those crazy newts. Why DO they do it in the road?

Chigiy, I love your blog! It's wonderful and hilarious and your photos are beautiful.

Note to all newt-lovers in case you don't know: Wash hands well after rescuing or admiring -- their skin secretions are quite poisonous.

Blog on, sistah!


Jaqueline, I don't know why they do it in the road. They are much to slow to do it there. Thank you for visiting. You are absolutely right. Wash after every newt handling!


The same thing would happen with the banana slugs when I was in the area. Running or hiking involved watching where you step and where you are going. Very "in the moment" type stuff. No banana slugs here in the foothills. Our slugs are much smaller and a dull brown. Must be the dry heat in summer.


That's so heartwarming! I loved reading about you caring for and saving the little newts. Reminds me of one of the roads near my house that gets immensely populated with tiny frogs in heavy rain, usually I see them while driving and end up going 2mph swerving to avoid hitting the little guys. I hope others are inspired by your post to help creatures when they can too.

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